Welcome! Please login to submit your Off-Site Hosting Request.

BEFORE you complete an off-site hosting request form:

  1. Review the Berkeley Data Authorization process and get the approval of a Berkeley Campus Administrative Official (e.g. Dean, Director, PI, MSO, or other responsible individual to whom financial, administrative or management responsibilities for your area have been delegated) to sponsor your activity and accept the role of Resource Proprietor

    For student organizations requesting domain names: only Registered Student Organizations are eligible to apply. For information on how to register, visit: http://lead.berkeley.edu/orgs. See the "Student Organization Domain Name Guidelines" page at: http://lead.berkeley.edu/policies/domain-names for help in choosing an appropriate domain name.

    If you have questions you can contact the LEAD Center at lead@berkeley.edu or 510-642-5171.

    Note: When you submit your application, an email will be sent to the designated Resource Proprietor. Your application will not be complete until he or she sends a response accepting the responsibilities of a Resource Proprietor.

  2. Register a security contact address: A registered security contact email address is now required as part of the off-site hosting request process. If you do not have a registered security contact address, please send an email to netreg@security.berkeley.edu and include the name of your campus department and department ORG code. The 5 letter department ORG code is available in your campus directory listing under 'Home Department'.

Questions about this process may be directed to itpolicy@berkeley.edu.